Digital Project Manager

Vacancy overview

This vacancy has been filled!

Say out loud:
I can manage a web project!

Our tools

  • Basecamp
  • GitHub
  • Slack

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You'll be managing projects such as

  • Business web apps for a world famous festival
  • Corporate web apps for international companies like Krauthammer, Mutsy or Martin Garrix
  • Public sites for Waaslandhaven, City of Hemiksem or Vrijwilligerswerk Vlaanderen
  • Arty stuff like Wim Delvoye, Meta architects or ArtAssistant

The best part first

  • Get €1500,- personal budget every year for trainings & conferences
  • Take the lead, literally. We are open for you way of working
  • Be part of a team that has made its name in open source

Your basic needs fulfilled

  • A competitive salary
  • Compensation for your transportation expenses. Velo card for public bikes in Antwerp
  • Laptop + second screen. Phone & internet at home

Extra icing

  • A genuine drive to learn from each other. Code reviews, in-house presentations and chit-chat on Slack
  • Real espresso & fresh fruit in the office
  • Monthly Italian lunch with the team

We are not looking into remote work or relocation at this point, but partial work from home is an option.
Knowledge of Dutch is mandatory.
You may start immediately.

Mail a brief motivation, CV and, if applicable, GitHub details to

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Every application will receive a response and will be handled confidentially.

About Spatie

We have been designing solid websites and crafty applications since 2004.

We adapt websites for smartphones & tablets, or kick it up a notch and build an app that's beyond smart.

We actively contribute to open source software. Our packages have been downloaded over 4 million times worldwide, and we take a prominent spot in the worldwide ranking of PHP developers.

In the past, we have worked with Sony Pictures, Sony PlayStation, Proximus, Telenet, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Flux50, Krauthammer, ArtAssistant, Martin Garrix, Skyline Europe, Immobel, Vrijwilligerswerk Vlaanderen, Overleg Kunstenorganisaties, Easy Life, Mutsy, Polkadots, Bodart Service House, Balie Antwerpen, Barreau de Bruxelles, Allard Europe, Agrafa, Bureau Bouwtechniek, Util, Wim Delvoye, …

Samberstraat 69D
2060 Antwerp
+32 3 292 56 79