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Spontaneous application
Antwerp / Partially remote

Internships Backend or frontend

Are you looking to get really good in Laravel, React, Vue.js, PostCSS or Tailwind CSS? We have slots available for students.

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Meet the team

Adriaan Marain
Frontend developer

Alex Vanderbist
Backend developer

Brent Roose
Backend developer

Freek Van der Herten
Backend developer

Jef Van der Voort
Account manager

Niels Vanpachtenbeke
Backend developer

Rias Van der Veken
Backend developer

Ruben Van Assche
Backend developer

Sebastian De Deyne
Full stack developer

Vic Denys
Frontend developer

Willem Van Bockstal
Frontend designer

Wouter Brouwers
Project Manager


‘Spatie’ is Dutch for ‘space’, the character between 2 words.
You pronounce it /'spɑːsiː/.

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