PHP 13 267 189 9 768
Associate users with roles and permissions
laravel php permission secure
PHP 11 961 339 611
A simple class to work with a temporary directory
php testing directory storage
PHP 10 147 977 2 032
Easily optimize images using PHP
php image optimizer performance jpeg png gif
PHP 8 722 897 837
Manipulate images with an expressive API
image php imagick gd
PHP 6 711 267 901
A magic memoization function
php cache performance magic
PHP 5 948 611 3 975
Log activity inside your Laravel app
laravel php log audit monitoring
PHP 5 784 278 4 601
Associate files with Eloquent models
laravel php eloquent media upload images hacktoberfest
PHP 5 747 941 802
Dump the contents of a database
php database mysql postgresql dump sql
PHP 5 202 681 993
Convert a pdf to an image
php pdf convert image imagick ghostscript
PHP 5 110 304 4 630
A package to backup your Laravel app
laravel php backup database zip devops
PHP 4 677 658 1 734
An easy to use Fractal wrapper built for Laravel and Lumen applications
laravel fractal api php transform-data lumen
PHP 4 442 616 481
A trait to dynamically add methods to a class
php macros utility runtime
PHP 4 403 176 317
A framework agnostic, developer friendly wrapper around Fractal
php api fractal transform json
PHP 4 090 403 3 356
Convert HTML to an image, PDF or string
php phantomjs screenshot hacktoberfest
PHP 3 504 107 813
A simple class to convert an array to xml
xml configuration array api
PHP 3 470 192 516
String handling evolved
php string
PHP 3 098 703 987
Sortable behaviour for Eloquent models
laravel php eloquent sort trait
PHP 3 054 585 1 536
Making Eloquent models translatable
laravel php i18n translated-attributes eloquent
PHP 2 591 082 2 957
Easily build Eloquent queries from API requests
api laravel php hacktoberfest
PHP 2 349 234 1 730
Data transfer objects with batteries included
php value objects
PHP 2 344 036 1 987
An easy to use, powerful crawler implemented in PHP. Can execute Javascript.
php crawler guzzle concurrency
PHP 2 100 111 1 388
Manage newsletters in Laravel
laravel php newsletter mailchimp mailchimp-api
PHP 2 025 358 1 802
Speed up a Laravel app by caching the entire response
laravel php cache varnish performance
PHP 1 996 146 1 500
Create and generate sitemaps with ease
laravel php sitemap google seo xml
PHP 1 936 082 115
A better backtrace
php debugging
PHP 1 928 154 338
Debug with Ray to fix problems faster
php laravel debug dump
PHP 1 914 575 162
Determine if a page may be crawled from robots.txt, robots meta tags and robot headers
php robots-txt crawler
PHP 1 913 287 475
A way to test without writing actual test cases
phpunit testing php snapshot-testing
PHP 1 880 073 969
A fluent builder types and ld+json generator
schedule php google seo schema
PHP 1 849 266 2 547
A Laravel package to retrieve pageviews and other data from Google Analytics
laravel php analytics google statistics
PHP 1 810 034 169
Debug with Ray to fix problems faster in Laravel apps
php laravel debug
PHP 1 803 542 935
An opinionated package to create slugs for Eloquent models
laravel php eloquent model slugify
PHP 1 783 716 578
Strongly typed enums in PHP supporting autocompletion and refactoring
php enum
PHP 1 621 118 294
Tools for creating Laravel packages
laravel php package
PHP 1 614 904 470
Parse, build and manipulate URL's
php url build manipulate
PHP 1 579 057 611
Send CORS headers in a Laravel application
cors request api php javascript
PHP 1 418 142 1 134
Add tags and taggable behaviour to your Laravel app
laravel php tags database eloquent
PHP 1 249 242 207
A minimal implementation of Dropbox API v2
dropbox api php
PHP 1 161 011 938
Optimize images in your Laravel app
laravel php image optimize performance
PHP 1 115 965 1 006
Make your Laravel app comply with the crazy EU cookie law
laravel php cookie eu javascript
PHP 1 105 126 683
Add schemaless attributes to Eloquent models
laravel php json nosql eloquent
PHP 1 102 929 267
A flysystem driver for Dropbox that uses the v2 API
flysystem dropbox api v2
PHP 1 041 605 740
A tool to automatically rerun PHPUnit tests when source code changes
phpunit testing watcher
PHP 1 019 517 968
A sane interface for php's built in preg_* functions
php regular-expression regex
PHP 972 622 616
Generate add to calendar links for Google, iCal and other calendar systems
php calendar datetime
PHP 877 181 613
An artisan command to tail your application logs
laravel php artisan tail debug log
PHP 807 646 282
Easily setup and send data to Google Tag Manager in Laravel apps
PHP 785 241 606
Geocode addresses to coordinates
php geo geocoder address google
PHP 721 130 821
Preventing spam submitted through forms
laravel form spam
PHP 707 352 581
A class to validate SSL certificates
ssl certificate letsencrypt php
PHP 677 647 479
Receive webhooks in Laravel apps
laravel webhooks
PHP 654 651 510
Extract text from a pdf
php text pdf pdf-converter
PHP 623 466 633
Get notified when a queued job fails
laravel php queue monitor notifications slack
PHP 608 851 430
Log HTTP requests in Laravel applications
laravel php http logging
PHP 590 506 539
Painless html generation
laravel php html generation form
PHP 585 304 787
View models in Laravel
laravel php view models
PHP 583 534 90
Cache that expires in the blink of an eye
cache php blink
PHP 581 818 684
Quickly dump and load databases
database dump restore mysql postgresql artisan
PHP 571 386 382
A paginator that plays nice with the JSON API spec
laravel api json paginate spec php
PHP 553 527 417
Set content security policy headers in a Laravel app
laravel security csp request http
PHP 547 870 1 209
A set of useful Laravel collection macros
laravel php collection macros
PHP 545 727 1 052
Query and format a set of opening hours
php shop opening-hours schedule calendar
PHP 522 692 589
Html menu generator
php menus html
PHP 512 011 1 910
Easily run code asynchronously
php performance async await
PHP 509 342 698
Html menu generator for Laravel
laravel php menu html generate navigation
PHP 494 468 640
Easily generate RSS feeds
laravel php feed rss blog
PHP 473 362 533
Send webhooks from Laravel apps
laravel http webhooks
PHP 469 957 351
Easily convert images with Glide
laravel php image manipulate glide convert
PHP 451 560 299
Create and validate signed URLs with a limited lifetime
url sign php mail security
PHP 434 052 268
Clean up old files in specified directories
PHP 430 071 200
Laravel support for spatie/enum
php enum laravel
PHP 412 089 269
Enable or disable the indexing of your app
laravel php google seo robots
PHP 383 080 591
Read and write simple Excel and CSV files
excel csv write read export import generator lazycollection
PHP 377 475 575
Easily add statuses to your models
laravel eloquent model status php
JavaScript 373 690 715
Tinker in your browser
php laravel debug tinker tool
PHP 366 941 478
Store your translations in the database or other sources
laravel php translation i18n language
PHP 365 614 223
A tags field to use in your Nova apps
laravel nova php tags field
PHP 355 906 359
Queueable actions in Laravel
laravel actions queues
PHP 354 728 1 161
Complex period comparisons
date time period calculations schedule calendar
PHP 343 090 328
Handle Stripe webhooks in a Laravel application
laravel stripe webhooks http payments
PHP 342 369 498
A Blade directive to export variables to JavaScript
laravel blade php view javascript api
PHP 336 003 278
Generate calendars in the iCalendar format
icalendar calendar laravel schedule php hacktoberfest
PHP 331 174 403
A lightweight package to flash messages
flash message laravel php
PHP 330 994 405
Clean up unneeded records
laravel php eloquent models performance
PHP 330 814 410
Redirect missing pages in your Laravel application
laravel php seo redirect
PHP 329 615 653
State support for models
laravel eloquent states
PHP 314 137 467
Server side rendering JavaScript in a PHP application
php server-side-rendering ssr javascript
PHP 308 616 134
Making Nova fields translatable
laravel php nova translatable translations
PHP 306 988 179
An artisan command to build up a database from scratch
laravel php debug eloquent database migrations artisan
PHP 305 133 841
Pragmatically search through models and other sources
search laravel php
PHP 291 817 181
A helper to control the flow of time
testing carbon time tests php
PHP 287 556 523
A lightweight package to execute commands over an SSH connection
ssh php
PHP 271 795 452
The easiest way to get started with event sourcing in Laravel
event sourcing aggregate projection laravel php
PHP 265 615 198
A little library to deal with color conversions
php color conversion rgb hex
PHP 263 846 863
Manage events on a Google Calendar
laravel php google calendar schedule events google-calendar
PHP 258 832 591
Easily store some values
php cache valuestore json
PHP 258 193 104
A rate limiter middleware for Guzzle
guzzle http api rate-limits
PHP 237 942 592
A very simple activity logger to monitor the users of your website or application
A job middleware to rate limit jobs
laravel queue middleware rate-limiting
PHP 221 360 489
A pjax middleware for Laravel
laravel php javascript pjax performance
PHP 216 496 423
A set of useful Laravel validation rules
laravel php validation rules
PHP 213 255 394
Retrieve DNS records
php dns
PHP 212 658 290
A Laravel Nova tool to backup your app
laravel nova tool backups
PHP 204 151 160
A to the point yaml front matter parser
php yaml formatting
PHP 196 047 334
Programatically work with emoji characters
php emoji
PHP 176 484 521
Monitor scheduled tasks in a Laravel app
laravel php schedule monitor
PHP 165 763 553
Server side rendering JavaScript in your Laravel application
php server-side-rendering ssr javascript
PHP 163 600 205
Blade directive to cache rendered partials in laravel
laravel php cache performance
PHP 161 552 381
Remember a visitor's original referer
laravel seo referer http
PHP 156 115 136
Cache that expires in the blink of an eye
cache performance php laravel
PHP 143 010 536
Use custom HTML components in your Blade views
laravel php blade view rendering components
PHP 138 117 62
Handle signals in artisan commands
PHP 137 025 463
Create zip files containing personal data
download personal zip gdpr
PHP 122 731 137
Manipulate query strings
php query http manipulate
PHP 112 003 694
Make your Laravel app usable by multiple tenants
laravel php multitenancy
PHP 110 266 256
Render Laravel mailables based on a mail template stored in the database
php laravel mailable customize template
PHP 103 169 23
Add snapshot testing capabilities to Pest
php testing snapshots
PHP 90 043 439
Store and retrieve objects from Algolia or Elasticsearch
PHP 81 602 223
Make a Laravel app respond to a slash command from Slack
laravel php slack notifications robots slash-commands
PHP 78 271 315
Making Varnish and Laravel play nice together
laravel php varnish performance caching
PHP 77 446 373
Schedule artisan commands to run at a sub-minute frequency
php laravel schedule sub-minute
PHP 76 428 238
A better way to connect data with view rendering in Laravel
laravel html rendering components
PHP 75 069 633
Don't let your servers just melt down
laravel php devops server monitor notifications
PHP 73 910 113
A Laravel Nova tool to display the application log
php laravel nova tool log
PHP 73 469 482
Store strongly typed application settings
laravel settings dto typed spatie
PHP 67 732 138
Quickly run some code via Artisan
laravel debug artisan dump
PHP 67 326 306
Laravel router extension to easily use Laravel's paginator without the query string
laravel php pagination seo
PHP 64 733 859
A powerful and easy to configure uptime and ssl monitor
laravel php uptime-monitor monitoring ssl
PHP 64 118 522
Optimised binary UUIDs in Laravel
uuid laravel mysql performance php
PHP 63 984 649
Event sourcing for Artisans 📽
laravel event-sourcing php events eventstore
PHP 60 751 155
Easily work with the Twitter Streaming API
twitter php twitter-streaming-api api
PHP 57 489 327
Send a welcome notification to new users
laravel auth welcome mail password security onboarding
PHP 56 577 265
A package to protect your work in progress from prying eyes
laravel middleware php demo development
PHP 55 664 158
Html rendering in php inspired by hyperscript
html php
PHP 52 790 116
Highlight code blocks with league/commonmark
commonmark highlight
PHP 52 755 56
Get time zones for coordinates
php timezone coordinates geocoding
PHP 50 017 137
Use short class names in an Artisan tinker session
laravel composer php devtools
PHP 48 461 252
Check all links in a Laravel application
laravel artisan php seo
PHP 46 051 163
Add preload and prefetch links based your Mix manifest
laravel mix preload performance css javascript
PHP 39 936 97
A function to dump anything to the log
log dump development laravel
PHP 38 496 520
CLI tool to crawl a website and check HTTP status codes
http statuscode seo health curl
PHP 34 949 179
Easily work with the Twitter Streaming API in a Laravel app
laravel php twitter streaming api tweets
PHP 30 294 101
The default Laravel stubs modified to our liking
laravel php development stubs
PHP 27 911 107
The easiest way to work with the packagist API
php packagist api
PHP 27 676 250
Run the Laravel scheduler without relying on cron
laravel php cron scheduler artisan
PHP 24 962 62
Automatically disable Google's FLoC in Laravel apps
PHP 24 184 174
Convert PHP 7 code to PHP 5 code
PHP 23 544 239
Add links to Laravel API resources
laravel php endpoint resources
PHP 21 610 60
Get information on the position of the sun
sun geo php
PHP 21 069 226
Some handy array functions
php array functions
PHP 20 823 329
A beautiful dashboard for Laravel
laravel php laravel-dashboard
PHP 18 357 888
A mail driver to quickly preview mail
laravel mail testing
PHP 17 981 181
A middleware to check authorization
laravel php security authorization middleware
PHP 16 955 185
Store & retrieve your static content in plain text files
laravel markdown blog
PHP 16 797 76
Transform PHP types to TypeScript
PHP 16 689 66
Responsive images for Statamic 3
PHP 16 674 253
Create a static site bundle from a Laravel app
PHP 16 179 57
Transform PHP types to Typescript
PHP 15 326 295
Encrypt and decrypt data using private/public keys
php security
PHP 13 845 89
Scan a HTTPS-site for mixed content
https mixed-content-error scan
PHP 13 493 92
PHP 12 149 27
Automatically generate morph maps in your Laravel application
morph-maps laravel spatie php
PHP 11 559 41
Get info on a track that user is currently playing
php lastfm music
PHP 10 426 320
Improvements to PHP's type system in userland: generics, typed lists, tuples and structs
types generics tuples structs
PHP 7 959 271
Manage docker containers with PHP
docker php
PHP 7 551 1
Debug with Ray to fix problems faster in Yii apps
debugging php yii yii2-framework
PHP 7 483 13
Easily debug CraftCMS projects
PHP 7 232 136
Protect pages from access with a universal username/password
laravel php security
PHP 6 814 256
Use PHP 8 attributes to register routes in a Laravel app
php php8 laravel
PHP 6 709 62
cleanup myself
PHP 5 731 75
Get searchresults from a Google Custom Search Engine
PHP 5 461 236
Cache & serve Google Fonts from your application
PHP 4 832 169
Code highlighting with Shiki in PHP
php code hightlight
PHP 4 797 171
Execute Artisan commands on a remote server
PHP 4 743 107
Friendly prefixed IDs for Laravel models
eloquent laravel api dx
PHP 4 395 109
Dispatch Laravel jobs via Artisan
PHP 4 167 280
SSL certificate chain resolver
ssl php security certificate trust-chain certificate-authority
PHP 3 992 45
Highlight code blocks with league/commonmark and Shiki
php syntax-highlighting commonmark
JavaScript 3 450 4
A mailcoach editor using editor.js
PHP 3 443 69
An opinionated php package to retrieve Google Analytics data.
PHP 3 401 125
A highly configurable markdown renderer and Blade component for Laravel
laravel php markdown highlight code
A tile for Laravel Dashboard that displays the time and the weather
laravel php laravel-dashboard time weather tile
PHP 2 646 174
Easily track application stats like orders, subscriptions and users and their change over time
Send interactive Slack notifications in Laravel apps
laravel php notifications interactive api
PHP 2 444 56
PHP 2 374 465
A lightweight solution for running code concurrently in PHP
php concurrent performance async
PHP 2 336 116
Use EventSauce in Laravel apps
eventsauce laravel event-sourcing
PHP 2 058 53
Use the Laravel's blade outside Laravel
PHP 1 680 78
A cli tool to check your site for mixed content
security ssl mixed-content-error command-line developer-tools
A tile for laravel-dashboard that displays twitter mentions
dashboard laravel php laravel-dashboard twitter twitter-labs tile
PHP 1 488 2
The contracts used to display solutions on Ignition and Flare
PHP 1 331 48
Build and execute an Elasticsearch search query using a fluent PHP API
elasticsearch php
A Google Calendar tile for Laravel Dashboard
laravel php laravel-dashboard tile google-calendar
Parse a search string with filters, directives and sorts to a useable Elasticsearch query
elasticsearch search
PHP 913 16
Send PHP errors to Flare
php errors flare
PHP 858 22
Get the url to a revisioned asset
PHP 824 20
Perform unit conversions in PHP
PHP 791 114
A Laravel package to accept and verify payments from payment gateways
PHP 740 92
Add endpoints to your Laravel api resources without a hassle
laravel php endpoint resources
A laravel-dashboard tile that display sites that Oh Dear says are down
laravel php laravel-dashboard tile oh-dear uptime alerts
PHP 630 14
Easily setup and send data to Google Tag Manager in Laravel 4 apps
A tile for laravel-dashboard that displays the state of the Antwerp bike sharing system
laravel php laravel-dashboard velo tile
PHP 560 10
An API wrapper for bpost's address webservice
php validator geo belgium
A tile for Laravel-dashboard that displays the schedule of Belgian trains
php laravel laravel-dashboard nmbs trains irail tile
PHP 454 14
Typed resources for Laravel
PHP 345 0
An Algolia Places autocomplete dropdown fieldtype for the Statamic Control Panel
statamic-addon statamic-v3
PHP 299 32
PHP client for Twitter Labs
php twitter-labs twitter realtime api
PHP 274 6
The price API used at promotional sites for our own products
PHP 210 111
Add endpoints to your Laravel api resources without a hassle
laravel php endpoint resources
Add variables to the payload of all jobs in a Laravel app
PHP 124 108
Value objects with batteries included
php value objects
PHP 116 43
Conceal e-mail addresses in a string by replacing their domain
email obfuscation security developer-tools
PHP 85 113
Watch changes in the file system using PHP
PHP 78 45
Debug with Ray to fix problems faster in WordPress apps
wordpress php debugging
PHP 74 100
Backup multiple servers
php backup laravel
PHP 57 13
Monitor metrics of Laravel disks
PHP 43 77
Generate outline images of your code
php tool
Blade 22 4
Display a Mailcoach summary inside Statamic
TypeScript 14 28
A beautiful error page for PHP apps
php debug error page
Why require one if you can require them all?
PHP 4 30
CLI tool for concealing e-mails in a file by replacing their domain
email obfuscation security cli tool developer-tools
PHP 1 35
Execute a random command
laravel php command
PHP 1 22
Clone readonly properties in PHP 8.1
A beautiful error page for Laravel apps
lararavel php error-handling
PHP 39
Automatically log all API calls
laravel api logger
PHP 51
State support for models
The docs of the Mailcoach package
php laravel mailcoach docs
Process feedback for email campaigns sent using Mailgun
laravel email-campaigns mailgun bounce php
Handle feedback given by SES
mailcoach mail campaigns ses feedback webhooks
Handle feedback given by sendgrid
mailcoach mail campaigns feedback webhooks php laravel
[READ-ONLY] A split of the spatie/laravel-mailcoach tests
mailcoach mails tests
Handle webhooks sent from Postmark
mailcoach postmark mails campaigns
An Unlayer editor package for Mailcoach
laravel mailcoach mails marketing
A Monaco (VS Code) editor package for Mailcoach
JavaScript 27
A simple wrapper around postcss-purgecss with sensible defaults for Laravel apps
Vue 36
Blender Media Component
A skeleton you can use to package up a tile for laravel-dashboard
laravel php skeleton laravel-dashboard
JavaScript 174
CLI command to install npm peerDependencies
JavaScript 15
Plug-and-play node.js events integration to emit change events
JavaScript 40
Viewport-utility watches the browser; it updates DOM classes and JS properties. It also provides some simple scroll functions.
JavaScript 51
Month class with specialized functions for generating calendar user interfaces
JavaScript 15
Client-side handling of newsletter subscriptions via ajax. Validates email and shows server response.
Import fragments using excel files
JavaScript 1
Get the slack username of a Spatie committer
🚀 Supercharged Excel exports and imports in Laravel
Trait to manage an Eloquent model's related content
This package helps you to keep track of the visitor's original UTM parameters, referer header and other analytics parameters. You can then submit these parameters along with a form submission or add them to a link to another domain you track.
JavaScript 23
Client side form validation
Easily track application stats like orders, subscriptions and users and their change over time
JavaScript 29
JavaScript 10
Constrain mirrors to their containers with Dragula
JavaScript 10
Shell 5
Debug with Ray to fix problems faster in Symfony apps
A demo of to test all Ray features
Debug Drupal applications using Ray
drupal ray debugging php
Blender CSS files
DocSearch - Configurations
JavaScript 22
A Symfony bundle for Ray
php symfony bundle symfony-bundle
Send interactive Slack notifications in Laravel apps
PHP 14
Base model for entities in our Blender Laravel template
JavaScript 14
JavaScript 241
A Vue mixin to save the state of a component to local storage
vue javascript localstorage state-machine
Ruby 15
Easily debug Ruby applications
debug ruby rails
JavaScript 32
A small DOM querying and manipulation library
dom javascript manipulation
Ruby 1
Debug Rails apps faster
Scss boilerplate with common functions, mixins, helpers and patterns.
JavaScript 44
A React context-like solution for Vue.js
A pure PHP SQL (non validating) parser w/ focus on MySQL dialect of SQL
The checklist that is used when a project is going live
checklist webdevelopment project live production
Query DSL library for Elasticsearch
TypeScript 26
Sync your package with the latest changes in the skeleton
JavaScript 793
An easy way to validate forms using back end logic
javascript vue validation form
Official PHP low-level client for Elasticsearch.
Assets for the Flare brand
An application to test Ignition
A vuex plugin to easily rollback to a previous state
JavaScript 619