PHP 9 540 713 9 098
Associate users with roles and permissions
laravel php permission secure
PHP 8 723 066 566
A simple class to work with a temporary directory
php testing directory storage
PHP 7 246 032 1 875
Easily optimize images using PHP
php image optimizer performance jpeg png gif
PHP 6 222 778 774
Manipulate images with an expressive API
image php imagick gd
PHP 4 473 443 815
A magic memoization function
php cache performance magic
PHP 4 317 279 899
Convert a pdf to an image
php pdf convert image imagick ghostscript
PHP 3 764 370 1 682
An easy to use Fractal wrapper built for Laravel and Lumen applications
laravel fractal api php transform-data lumen
PHP 3 568 867 726
Dump the contents of a database
php database mysql postgresql dump sql
PHP 3 479 332 308
A framework agnostic, developer friendly wrapper around Fractal
php api fractal transform json
PHP 3 281 503 4 332
A package to backup your Laravel app
laravel php backup database zip devops
PHP 3 146 196 3 596
Log activity inside your Laravel app
laravel php log audit monitoring
PHP 3 068 829 4 292
Associate files with Eloquent models
laravel php eloquent media upload images hacktoberfest
PHP 2 893 186 479
String handling evolved
php string
PHP 2 114 209 3 068
Convert html to an image, pdf or string
php phantomjs screenshot hacktoberfest
PHP 1 863 937 735
A simple class to convert an array to xml
xml configuration array api
PHP 1 749 282 1 834
An easy to use, powerful crawler implemented in PHP. Can execute Javascript.
php crawler guzzle concurrency
PHP 1 645 916 1 304
Manage newsletters in Laravel
laravel php newsletter mailchimp mailchimp-api
PHP 1 637 716 2 674
Easily build Eloquent queries from API requests
api laravel php hacktoberfest
PHP 1 495 858 2 384
A Laravel package to retrieve pageviews and other data from Google Analytics
laravel php analytics google statistics
PHP 1 465 133 1 369
Making Eloquent models translatable
laravel php i18n translated-attributes eloquent
PHP 1 460 264 1 303
Create and generate sitemaps with ease
laravel php sitemap google seo xml
PHP 1 420 165 907
Sortable behaviour for Eloquent models
laravel php eloquent sort trait
PHP 1 379 404 605
Send CORS headers in a Laravel application
cors request api php javascript
PHP 1 359 708 1 638
Speed up a Laravel app by caching the entire response
laravel php cache varnish performance
PHP 1 351 331 140
Determine if a page may be crawled from robots.txt, robots meta tags and robot headers
php robots-txt crawler
PHP 1 297 009 414
A trait to dynamically add methods to a class
php macros utility runtime
PHP 1 211 540 820
An opinionated package to create slugs for Eloquent models
laravel php eloquent model slugify
PHP 1 151 646 1 295
Data transfer objects with batteries included
php value objects
PHP 1 045 346 439
A way to test without writing actual test cases
phpunit testing php snapshot-testing
PHP 985 407 1 013
Add tags and taggable behaviour to your Laravel app
laravel php tags database eloquent
PHP 973 334 885
A fluent builder types and ld+json generator
schedule php google seo schema
PHP 923 585 182
A minimal implementation of Dropbox API v2
dropbox api php
PHP 828 589 252
A flysystem driver for Dropbox that uses the v2 API
flysystem dropbox api v2
PHP 826 153 882
Make your Laravel app comply with the crazy EU cookie law
laravel php cookie eu javascript
PHP 771 787 392
Parse, build and manipulate URL's
php url build manipulate
PHP 689 474 694
A tool to automatically rerun PHPUnit tests when source code changes
phpunit testing watcher
PHP 689 223 584
An artisan command to tail your application logs
laravel php artisan tail debug log
PHP 678 702 589
Add schemaless attributes to Eloquent models
laravel php json nosql eloquent
PHP 616 904 870
Optimize images in your Laravel app
laravel php image optimize performance
PHP 602 010 535
Generate add to calendar links for Google, iCal and other calendar systems
php calendar datetime
PHP 596 104 265
Easily setup and send data to Google Tag Manager in Laravel apps
PHP 523 375 563
Geocode addresses to coordinates
php geo geocoder address google
PHP 479 804 578
Get notified when a queued job fails
laravel php queue monitor notifications slack
PHP 450 212 520
A class to validate SSL certificates
ssl certificate letsencrypt php
PHP 445 481 333
Easily convert images with Glide
laravel php image manipulate glide convert
PHP 435 214 406
Log HTTP requests in Laravel applications
laravel php http logging
PHP 410 066 499
Painless html generation
laravel php html generation form
PHP 406 193 638
Html menu generator for Laravel
laravel php menu html generate navigation
PHP 401 918 909
A sane interface for php's built in preg_* functions
php regular-expression regex
PHP 394 704 714
View models in Laravel
laravel php view models
PHP 391 326 716
Preventing spam submitted through forms
laravel form spam
PHP 390 773 1 057
A set of useful Laravel collection macros
laravel php collection macros
PHP 388 213 346
A paginator that plays nice with the JSON API spec
laravel api json paginate spec php
PHP 377 368 494
Strongly typed enums in PHP supporting autocompletion and refactoring
php enum
PHP 365 562 269
Create and validate signed URLs with a limited lifetime
url sign php mail security
PHP 351 491 983
Query and format a set of opening hours
php shop opening-hours schedule calendar
PHP 341 327 564
Easily generate RSS feeds
laravel php feed rss blog
PHP 338 188 537
Html menu generator
php menus html
PHP 314 881 1 719
Easily run code asynchronously
php performance async await
PHP 310 190 456
Extract text from a pdf
php text pdf pdf-converter
PHP 304 147 645
Quickly dump and load databases
database dump restore mysql postgresql artisan
PHP 296 273 179
An artisan command to build up a database from scratch
laravel php debug eloquent database migrations artisan
PHP 292 394 255
Enable or disable the indexing of your app
laravel php google seo robots
PHP 272 039 443
Store your translations in the database or other sources
laravel php translation i18n language
PHP 248 946 253
Clean up old files in specified directories
PHP 246 257 501
Easily add statuses to your models
laravel eloquent model status php
PHP 245 784 382
Set content security policy headers in a Laravel app
laravel security csp request http
PHP 237 525 486
A Blade directive to export variables to JavaScript
laravel blade php view javascript api
PHP 234 674 427
Server side rendering JavaScript in a PHP application
php server-side-rendering ssr javascript
PHP 230 888 380
Redirect missing pages in your Laravel application
laravel php seo redirect
PHP 223 097 587
A very simple activity logger to monitor the users of your website or application
PHP 221 505 864
Complex period comparisons
date time period calculations schedule calendar
PHP 211 145 316
Queueable actions in Laravel
laravel actions queues
PHP 205 494 388
Clean up unneeded records
laravel php eloquent models performance
PHP 202 063 485
A pjax middleware for Laravel
laravel php javascript pjax performance
PHP 198 402 776
Manage events on a Google Calendar
laravel php google calendar schedule events google-calendar
PHP 189 920 117
Making Nova fields translatable
laravel php nova translatable translations
PHP 185 672 693
Pragmatically search through models and other sources
search laravel php
PHP 177 271 556
Easily store some values
php cache valuestore json
JavaScript 172 097 654
Tinker in your browser
php laravel debug tinker tool
PHP 163 496 255
A Laravel Nova tool to backup your app
laravel nova tool backups
PHP 152 214 78
Cache that expires in the blink of an eye
cache php blink
PHP 151 995 164
A little library to deal with color conversions
php color conversion rgb hex
PHP 143 426 306
Retrieve DNS records
php dns
PHP 141 378 204
Blade directive to cache rendered partials in laravel
laravel php cache performance
PHP 141 317 298
Handle Stripe webhooks in a Laravel application
laravel stripe webhooks http payments
PHP 123 847 372
A set of useful Laravel validation rules
laravel php validation rules
PHP 122 674 497
Server side rendering JavaScript in your Laravel application
php server-side-rendering ssr javascript
PHP 120 792 536
Use custom HTML components in your Blade views
laravel php blade view rendering components
PHP 119 559 119
A to the point yaml front matter parser
php yaml formatting
PHP 115 488 336
Remember a visitor's original referer
laravel seo referer http
PHP 109 003 283
Programatically work with emoji characters
php emoji
PHP 108 211 201
A tags field to use in your Nova apps
laravel nova php tags field
PHP 93 855 377
A lightweight package to flash messages
flash message laravel php
PHP 84 821 431
Store and retrieve objects from Algolia or Elasticsearch
PHP 78 286 424
Create zip files containing personal data
download personal zip gdpr
PHP 76 383 223
Render Laravel mailables based on a mail template stored in the database
php laravel mailable customize template
PHP 75 697 114
Cache that expires in the blink of an eye
cache performance php laravel
PHP 62 584 523
Optimised binary UUIDs in Laravel
uuid laravel mysql performance php
PHP 61 126 136
Quickly run some code via Artisan
laravel debug artisan dump
PHP 60 248 109
A Laravel Nova tool to display the application log
php laravel nova tool log
PHP 59 144 238
A better way to connect data with view rendering in Laravel
laravel html rendering components
PHP 58 776 287
Making Varnish and Laravel play nice together
laravel php varnish performance caching
PHP 58 776 651
Event sourcing for Artisans 📽
laravel event-sourcing php events eventstore
PHP 57 163 306
Laravel router extension to easily use Laravel's paginator without the query string
laravel php pagination seo
PHP 56 705 589
Don't let your servers just melt down
laravel php devops server monitor notifications
PHP 53 899 136
Easily work with the Twitter Streaming API
twitter php twitter-streaming-api api
PHP 51 319 91
A rate limiter middleware for Guzzle
guzzle http api rate-limits
PHP 51 282 152
Html rendering in php inspired by hyperscript
html php
PHP 49 903 134
Use short class names in an Artisan tinker session
laravel composer php devtools
PHP 47 582 833
A powerful and easy to configure uptime and ssl monitor
laravel php uptime-monitor monitoring ssl
PHP 45 950 256
A package to protect your work in progress from prying eyes
laravel middleware php demo development
PHP 43 722 215
Make a Laravel app respond to a slash command from Slack
laravel php slack notifications robots slash-commands
PHP 42 422 253
Check all links in a Laravel application
laravel artisan php seo
PHP 34 427 508
CLI tool to crawl a website and check HTTP status codes
http statuscode seo health curl
PHP 31 007 127
Manipulate query strings
php query http manipulate
PHP 28 911 151
Easily work with the Twitter Streaming API in a Laravel app
laravel php twitter streaming api tweets
PHP 24 297 104
The easiest way to work with the packagist API
php packagist api
PHP 21 731 172
Convert PHP 7 code to PHP 5 code
PHP 17 667 179
A middleware to check authorization
laravel php security authorization middleware
PHP 16 714 215
Some handy array functions
php array functions
PHP 13 935 107
Highlight code blocks with league/commonmark
commonmark highlight
PHP 11 010 80
Scan a HTTPS-site for mixed content
https mixed-content-error scan
PHP 10 504 40
Get info on a track that user is currently playing
php lastfm music
PHP 9 477 174
Store & retrieve your static content in plain text files
laravel markdown blog
PHP 9 205 322
Improvements to PHP's type system in userland: generics, typed lists, tuples and structs
types generics tuples structs
PHP 5 675 72
Get searchresults from a Google Custom Search Engine
PHP 4 912 125
Protect pages from access with a universal username/password
laravel php security
PHP 2 776 66
An opinionated php package to retrieve Google Analytics data.
PHP 2 683 274
SSL certificate chain resolver
ssl php security certificate trust-chain certificate-authority
PHP 1 833 53
Use the Laravel's blade outside Laravel
PHP 1 746 117
Use EventSauce in Laravel apps
eventsauce laravel event-sourcing
PHP 887 46
PHP 846 75
A cli tool to check your site for mixed content
security ssl mixed-content-error command-line developer-tools
PHP 813 22
Get the url to a revisioned asset
PHP 787 114
A Laravel package to accept and verify payments from payment gateways
PHP 625 14
Easily setup and send data to Google Tag Manager in Laravel 4 apps
PHP 535 10
An API wrapper for bpost's address webservice
php validator geo belgium
PHP 156 162
Use PHP 8 attributes to register routes in a Laravel app
php php8 laravel
PHP 122 108
Value objects with batteries included
php value objects
PHP 116 41
Conceal e-mail addresses in a string by replacing their domain
email obfuscation security developer-tools
PHP 42 76
Generate outline images of your code
php tool
PHP 4 29
CLI tool for concealing e-mails in a file by replacing their domain
email obfuscation security cli tool developer-tools
Vue 36
Blender Media Component
JavaScript 160
CLI command to install npm peerDependencies
JavaScript 15
Plug-and-play node.js events integration to emit change events
JavaScript 39
Viewport-utility watches the browser; it updates DOM classes and JS properties. It also provides some simple scroll functions.
JavaScript 48
Month class with specialized functions for generating calendar user interfaces
JavaScript 15
Client-side handling of newsletter subscriptions via ajax. Validates email and shows server response.
Import fragments using excel files
Trait to manage an Eloquent model's related content
JavaScript 22
Client side form validation
JavaScript 28
JavaScript 10
Constrain mirrors to their containers with Dragula
JavaScript 10
Blender CSS files
JavaScript 22
PHP 14
Base model for entities in our Blender Laravel template
JavaScript 14
JavaScript 243
A Vue mixin to save the state of a component to local storage
vue javascript localstorage state-machine
JavaScript 33
A small DOM querying and manipulation library
dom javascript manipulation
Scss boilerplate with common functions, mixins, helpers and patterns.
JavaScript 44
A React context-like solution for Vue.js
The checklist that is used when a project is going live
checklist webdevelopment project live production
JavaScript 783
An easy way to validate forms using back end logic
javascript vue validation form
A vuex plugin to easily rollback to a previous state
JavaScript 612
An easy way to display tabs with Vue
vue component ui tabs javascript
TypeScript 11
A crossbreed of a pipeline and a maybe construct
JavaScript 590
A straight to the point Vue component to display tables
vue table component html
PHP 15
Crawl and index a whole site
JavaScript 814
Zero-config Purgecss for Laravel Mix
laravel-mix purgecss purgecss-wrapper
JavaScript 70
A renderless Vue component to build data-driven interfaces
JavaScript 17
JavaScript 7
Skeleton to start a new Wires project
Java 10
Work in progress BladeX plugin for PhpStorm
laravel blade blade-x phpstorm plugin
Larbank built with eventsauce
php laravel event-sourcing