Our current favorites

PHP 72 72
Making Nova fields translatable
laravel php nova translatable translations
PHP 108 108
Value objects with batteries included
php value objects
PHP 177 177
A Laravel Nova tool to backup your app
laravel nova tool backups
PHP 353 353
Preventing spam submitted through forms
laravel form spam
JavaScript 468 468
Tinker in your browser
php laravel debug tinker tool
PHP 1 926 1 926
Easily build Eloquent queries from API requests
api laravel php
PHP 3 409 3 409
Associate files with Eloquent models
laravel php eloquent media upload images
PHP 3 624 3 624
A package to backup your Laravel app
laravel php backup database zip devops
PHP 7 149 7 149
Associate users with roles and permissions
laravel php permission secure

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