Configure Laravel to use Immutable dates by default
By default, Laravel uses Carbon for dates, but the object returned by the \Illuminate\Support\Facades\Date helper is mutable.
Sep 29th 2023

Empty states with CSS and the `:only-child` selector
On Twitter I came across a great tip on displaying empty states with CSS. When you're rendering a list, I often wrap a loop in an if/else statement to...
Sep 28th 2023

How I would build a new startup if I have to do it all over again
A Deeper Dive into Crafting a Startup in 2023
Sep 28th 2023

Building a flexible yet abstract external integrations Structure
Here we are. Flare is better than ever! We've been adding features week after week. Yet, one significant request on our roadmap remains: Jira! It is the most upvoted...
Sep 27th 2023

How not to be ignorant about the world
Sep 25th 2023

Creating my new album "Kind"
This blog post will be a little different. I'm not going to write about programming as usual. Over the past few months, I have worked on my new album titled...
Sep 21st 2023

Video: the keynotes of Full Stack Europe 2022
Last year at Full Stack Europe we had two great keynotes by two amazing speakers: Jeremy Keith and Kevlin Henney. We're very happy that we can share the recordings...
Sep 18th 2023

Introducing MJML Support in v7
If you've ever tried to build an HTML email from scratch, you know that it's not easy. Email clients don't support modern HTML and CSS niceties and have a lot...
Sep 14th 2023

Moving your MailChimp audience over to Mailcoach
MailChimp gets expensive fast when your audience grows. Luckily, our service is much more affordable. Here's how to move your audience from MailChimp to Mailcoach
Sep 13th 2023

Why error tracking is crucial for your application
Errors will inevitably occur in your application. There is no way around it. If you notice them while working locally, you can fix them immediately. However, it gets more tricky...
Sep 11th 2023