Building a simple dashboard using Tailwind
In this stream, Shruti Balasa show how powerful Tailwind is. She builds a simple dashboard layout in only a couple of minutes.
Sep 21st 2021

The birth and death of a framework
This post was first released on my newsletter. Feel free to subscribe if you want to be the first these kinds of posts, and want to...
Sep 16th 2021

Strategies for decreasing the number of queries in a Laravel app
Oh Dear is all-in-one solution to monitor your site that my buddy Mattias Geniar and I have created. It can monitoring uptime, certificates, broken links, scheduled jobs, and much...
Sep 13th 2021

PHP 8.1: readonly properties
Writing data transfer objects and value objects in PHP has become significantly easier over the years. Take for example a look at a DTO in PHP 5.6:
Sep 11th 2021

Source diving Pest Parallel Testing
In this stream, Luke Downing shows us around in the source code of Pest parallel plugin he created.
Sep 9th 2021

Introducing a new package to add a support form to your app
We've created a new package that can render a beautiful support form widget on any page. You can read more about the package in this blog post at...
Sep 2nd 2021

My IKEA clock, and software design
This is my bedside clock: I've had this IKEA clock for 14 years now — that's...
Sep 1st 2021

re: On using PSR abstractions
Yesterday, I read Matthias Noback's excellent blog post on PSR abstractions, and I'd like to share some thoughts on the topic as well. I'm going to quote the...
Aug 31st 2021

How to test a form in a Laravel app
In this video, my colleague Brent explains a good way to test a form in a Laravel app.
Aug 30th 2021

Named arguments and open source projects
There are a few well known open source maintainers within the PHP community against the use of named arguments, citing maintenance overhead and backwards compatibility problems as reasons not...
Aug 26th 2021