Prioritizing exceptions
You can now set a priority for each exception to find out what needs to be fixed first.
Jun 21st 2024

Debugging application state triggered by focus
In any modern browser's element inspector, you can force an element into a :hover or :focus state to debug styling issues. Sometimes, you want to debug an issue of an...
Jun 13th 2024

Building our new automation workflow builder with css flexbox
In this post we’ll uncover some of the techniques used to create our automation builder without any dependencies on large JavaScript libraries using only CSS Flexbox for the layout.
Jun 12th 2024

Building Laravel Error Share
Last week, we released Laravel Error Share, a package to share local Laravel exceptions with a coworker or your debugging friend...
Jun 11th 2024

Linking to Flare errors on your error page
We've just launched a new feature that will make it easier for users of your app to report specific errors.
Jun 10th 2024

Flare's new "job" tab knows all about your failed jobs
From now on, when something goes wrong in a queued job, Flare can tell you a lot more about what's going on
Jun 10th 2024

Better code block highlighting on our blog and docs
If you've read our blog or docs the last few weeks, some things might look a little bit different. We now highlight our code blocks using Shiki.
Jun 10th 2024

Handling customer feedback using a support bubble form
We've recently added a support form bubble form to our app. In this post we'll explain what it is, why we added it, and how you can add one to...
Jun 10th 2024

Introducing our new Telegram integration
As of today, Flare can notify you via Telegram. In this blog post, you'll see that we didn't only provide basic support but also went all the way with notification...
Jun 10th 2024

Building a better search with Monaco and amCharts
Jun 10th 2024