A bash function to run tests for both PHPUnit and Pest
I've used this little bash alias for many years to quickly run the tests inside of a project. alias p="vendor/bin/phpunit"
Dec 5th 2021 freek.dev

Upgrade to PHP 8.1 with Homebrew on Mac
Do you want to learn more about PHP 8.1? There's The Road to PHP 8.1. For the next 10 days, you'll receive a daily email covering...
Nov 26th 2021 stitcher.io

PHP 8.1: real-life performance benchmarks
I did a very quick performance test because I wanted to know the impact of PHP 8.1 on my real-life projects. These benchmarks were taken on my local machine, and...
Nov 25th 2021 stitcher.io

What's new in PHP 8.1
PHP 8.1 was released on November 25, 2021. It's currently the latest PHP version. In this post, we'll go through all features, performance improvements, changes and deprecations one...
Nov 25th 2021 stitcher.io

A conversation on the future of PHP
Earlier this week the PHP Foundation was announced. In this stream on GitHub, my buddies Christoph Rumpel, James Brooks and I discuss what we think this means for the...
Nov 24th 2021 freek.dev

Our improved changelog workflow for packages
For years, my team and I manually updated the changelog for our 250+ packages. Recently, we've improved how we go about this. In this blog post, I'd like to tell...
Nov 24th 2021 freek.dev

Eloquent findOrFail caveats
I use Model::findOrFail a lot in Laravel. Recently, I realized it’s not always the best option. findOrFail is great because it ensures you’ll end up with a model instance. No...
Nov 23rd 2021 sebastiandedeyne.com

Laravel Package Training v2 is now available
I am excited to share that my team and I have just launched v2.0 of our Laravel Package Training video course. Here's a the introductory video for the course:
Nov 15th 2021 freek.dev

PHP 8.1 in 8 code blocks
enum Status { case draft; case published; case archived; public
Nov 7th 2021 stitcher.io

Generics in PHP (video)
I made this video about generics last week, you can watch it (make sure to like and subscribe if you liked it), or you can read the transcript here if...
Nov 6th 2021 stitcher.io