My process for writing the newsletter
My team and I are currently working on the hosted version of Mailcoach Cloud, which now is in public beta. Using the Markdown capabilities of Mailcoach and its API,...
Sep 29th 2022

A package to manage dynamic servers
I'm proud to announce that our team has released a new package called laravel-dynamic-servers. This package can help start and stop servers when you need them. The prime use...
Sep 26th 2022

I shall define this only once
Here's my talk on our popular Laravel Data package, which I gave at Laracon Online earlier this week.
Sep 18th 2022

Named arguments
I shiver at the sight of a function packed with too-many-to-read-at-a-glance arguments without a description. Especially boolean flags. Boolean flags lack context. Look at this code, I have no idea...
Sep 15th 2022

Creating installer commands for Laravel packages
One of the joys of using packages in the Laravel ecosystem is how easy they are to install. Packages can be pulled in using Composer, and Laravel will automatically discover...
Sep 7th 2022

Getting information about all the models in your Laravel app
I'm proud to announce that our team has released a new small package: spatie/laravel-model-info. Let's take a look at what this package can do. Using laravel-model-info This...
Sep 7th 2022

Granular interfaces
A few weeks ago a spec change for an application we’re working on forced us to refactor part of the codebase. It was...
Sep 5th 2022

You might not need `useRef` for that
According to the React maintainers, React developers reach for the useEffect hook too quickly. It is far from the only hook with many naive usages. Why won't we go...
Sep 2nd 2022

Increase performance by using Eloquent's `setRelation` method
While working on the upcoming Oh Dear redesign, I noticed that list that displays all sites of a team was very slow. To display that list, a lot of...
Aug 4th 2022

Using markdown in HTML (in markdown) in Hugo
The markdown specification allows you to inline HTML in a markdown document. This is a regular paragraph. <table> <tr>
Jul 25th 2022