Introducing Jira Integration with Flare
Connect your Flare errors with Jira issues
Nov 30th 2023

Use honeypot to fight the spam
Combatting spam bots with a honeypot.
Nov 29th 2023

Spatie's Black Friday Deals
Like every year, we have some Black Friday discounts at Spatie. We made fun video about it.
Nov 17th 2023

Remove falsy values from a Laravel collection or array in PHP
The native array_filter() in PHP and collect()->filter() in Laravel also work without providing a filter callback.
Nov 13th 2023

Leveraging Cloudflare Workers for Edge API Authentication
Learn how Cloudflare Workers in Flare enable edge-based API authentication, effectively filtering out unauthorized requests and enhancing performance for your application.
Nov 10th 2023

Solving subdomain CORS issues on Laravel Herd
I have been a satisfied Valet user for the past four years, but my recent frustrations with Homebrew have led me to look into Laravel Herd.
Nov 10th 2023

You can now give team members access to specific projects
We've improved user management on Flare.
Nov 9th 2023

Adding "Stale While Revalidate" functionality to Laravel's Cache
Stale While Revalidate (SWR) is a strategy to first return the data from the cache (stale), then send the fetch request (revalidate), and finally come up with the up-to-date data.
Nov 9th 2023

Migrate your audience from ConvertKit to Mailcoach
In this quick guide we'll describe how you can move your audience from ConvertKit to Mailcoach.
Nov 7th 2023

Moving your Substack audience over to Mailcoach Cloud
Learn how to effortlessly move your subscribers from Substack to Mailcoach Cloud in this easy-to-follow guide.
Nov 7th 2023