Assigning a user to an error
In our latest release we've added support for assigning an error to a user of your team.
May 14th 2024

New iPads
New iPads last week. OLED, Finally! Be it a high-resolution monitor with deep blacks or e-ink, screens the most important part of a...
May 13th 2024

Sending transactional emails using Mailcoach API in an Express.js application
Learn how to use Mailcoach API for transactional emails in an Express. js application.
Apr 26th 2024

Rethinking deploys at Flare
Flare has long relied on locally running Laravel Envoy for our app deployments. However, as the application and infrastructure evolves, so do the challenges. This article documents some of our...
Apr 24th 2024

Introducing: Linear integration
We're proud to share that errors on Flare can now be associated with Linear. In this post, we'll tell you all about it!
Apr 24th 2024

The Mailcoach app has a beautiful new coat of paint
After having revamped our marketing pages last month, we’re launching our new beautiful UI for the app today. Let’s take a closer look at all the changes.
Apr 11th 2024

How we stopped a DDoS attack at Laracon
Laracon EU 2024 was an awesome conference, we were sponsoring with Flare and having a blast until a DDoS attack hit us.
Apr 3rd 2024

Ignition and Flare can now display Laravel 11's context
Laravel 11 recently introduced a nice new feature called Context. Ignition and Flare have both been updated to collect and show all context.
Apr 3rd 2024

Resend a cancelled campaign
Mar 18th 2024

Converting HTML to PDF using PHP
If you spend enough time building web applications, it's likely that you will eventually need a solution for generating PDF documents. Consider scenarios like invoice PDFs, printable tickets, gift vouchers...
Mar 18th 2024