Snooze notifications per application version
In addition to snoozing notifications for a number of occurrences or a fixed period, we have introduced a new way of snoozing errors. You can now snooze errors per application...
May 8th 2023

Sending logs to Flare
Flare is an error tracker for Laravel, but what do you do if you want notifications for other events which do not throw exceptions? You might wish to receive notifications...
May 8th 2023

Using Flare with Lumen
The main goal of Flare is to be the best error tracker for Laravel applications. Since we started, many people are asking how they can use Flare with other PHP...
May 8th 2023

Track Wordpress errors with Flare
Sometimes, you don't have Laravel projects only but also run a classic Wordpress blog. Do you want to monitor this blog with Flare, too? We got you covered! Wordpress doesn't...
May 8th 2023

Introducing "ddd" - a new global helper for Laravel
Today we are very excited to announce a new global helper function that is available for all Laravel 6 installations, as well as for all applications that have Ignition...
May 8th 2023

Fetching data to render complex graphs in Flare
When tracking errors within your application, a visual indication of when errors are happing is essential in the debugging experience we're trying to provide. Flare already had graphs on errors...
May 8th 2023

Add Fathom Analytics or Google Analytics to your Mailcoach website
Get insights into your newsletter archive visitors by adding a site ID
May 5th 2023

You can now hide parts of your email from webviews
With this small new tag you can prevent parts of your email from appearing in the webview version of the email
May 5th 2023

Laravel Worldwide Meetup: Introducing Laravel Splade - Quick Wins in Laravel
Here's the recording of the Laravel Worldwide Meetup which was held last week. In this edition we had Pascal Baljet that introduced Splade. Our second speaker, Bert De...
May 3rd 2023

Saying goodbye to WIP commit messages
There are two kinds of developers: those that write commit messages and value a repo's history and those that don't. I'm in the latter camp: most of my commit messages...
Apr 30th 2023