Using the shadow DOM as a better iframe
Using the shadow DOM, we can ensure that the sent newsletter we display in the archive is not affected by the layout of our website.
Nov 22nd 2022

We've made another WWSD Video
🏎️💨 Here's another WWSD video to promote the 50% discount we'll have today on Laravel Comments and Media Library Ppro. All other spatie product are discounted 30%....
Nov 22nd 2022

Spatie's Black Friday sales have begun
We made a fun intro video to celebrate our Black Friday sales. TLDR: All...
Nov 21st 2022

Laravel and PHP developers to follow on Mastodon
I love Twitter and I will be there until the ship goes down. Unfortunately, there are some strong signals that it may go away for a while or...
Nov 18th 2022

Spatie WWSD 2022
We've made a fun video to announce Spatie's Black Friday sales. Have a look! ...
Nov 17th 2022

Introducing PHP 8.2: all new features and changes
PHP 8.2 has been released. It is a minor release compared to 8.0 and 8.1. This can be partly attributed to the departure of Nikita Popov as one...
Nov 15th 2022

Mailcoach now offers beautiful newsletter websites
This feature will help leading your audience to your older content.
Nov 11th 2022

Introducing our SDKs for PHP and Laravel
Both self-hosted Mailcoach and Mailcoach Cloud offer a powerful API to integrate Mailcoach's functionalities in your app. To hit the ground running, we now offer easy to use SDKs.
Nov 10th 2022

Laravel Mailcoach v6 has been released with a new UI and lots of improvements
We're proud to announce that we have released v6 of the self-hosted version of Mailcoach. If you have an active license, you'll be happy to know that this is...
Nov 9th 2022

Introducing the Mailcoach SDKs for PHP and Laravel
You can now easily consume the Mailcoach API in your app using our SDK. Read more
Nov 9th 2022