A package to quickly send Slack alerts in a Laravel app
Our team has released a small package called spatie/laravel-slack-alerts. It can be used to send a message to Slack quickly. In this blog post, I'd like to share why...
Jan 21st 2022 freek.dev

A better error page for Symfony applications
Ignition is the most beautiful error page for PHP apps. Yesterday, we launched a new major version of Ignition - you can check out all the details in
Jan 19th 2022 freek.dev

Dealing with dependencies
This post was originally sent to my newsletter. I've written a lot about PHP 8.1 these past months. Not just about the release itself, but also about how important...
Jan 19th 2022 stitcher.io

Ignition, the most beautiful error page for Laravel and PHP, got a major redesign
I'm proud to share that our team has released a new major version of Ignition, the most beautiful error page for Laravel and PHP. It has been redesigned from the...
Jan 18th 2022 freek.dev

"It's your fault"
I read an intriguing blog post yesterday. It's an old one dating back to 2008, titled "Even if a function doesn’t do anything, you still have to call it...
Jan 15th 2022 stitcher.io

Twitter home made me miserable
This post was originally sent to my newsletter in November, 2021. I wanted to share it here as well, just to hear some more thoughts. Two months...
Jan 14th 2022 stitcher.io

How I plan
I love getting mail. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that by now. I received a mail today from Muhammad, asking me a question...
Jan 13th 2022 stitcher.io

PHP in 2022
It's the fourth time I'm writing a yearly "PHP in 20XX" post, and I must admit I've never been as excited about it as this year: we've seen awesome new...
Jan 11th 2022 stitcher.io

Laravel Blade & View Models
A view model represents data for a specific view or page. In its simplest form, a view model is a plain PHP object with a bunch of (typed) properties.
Jan 10th 2022 sebastiandedeyne.com

PHP version stats: January, 2022
It's that time again: my biyearly summary of which PHP versions are used across the community. It's been 6 months since my previous post and during that time
Jan 10th 2022 stitcher.io