Ebb and flow
I’ve been thinking a lot about work-life balance lately. I used to see it as a balancing scale that should remain on the same position at all times. However, I...
Aug 9th 2021 sebastiandedeyne.com

The Road to PHP 8.1
I'm happy to announce a fun little project today: The Road to PHP 8.1. It's a 10-day popup newsletter that'll teach you about all the shiny new things in...
Aug 6th 2021 stitcher.io

Exploring Pest internals
In this stream, Pest creator Nuno Maduro explains how his testing tool works under the hood.
Aug 4th 2021 freek.dev

The evolution of a PHP object throughout the years
This is just a fun little post I wrote because I wanted to visualise how my data transfer objects have evolved over the years. # August...
Jul 29th 2021 stitcher.io

How to handle GitHub webhooks in a Laravel application
Whenever something happens in one of your repos on GitHub, you can configure a webhook to be sent to your app. This way, you can perform some extra logic when...
Jul 27th 2021 freek.dev

We don't need runtime type checks
Do you want to make a guess about when I last encountered a TypeError in one of my projects? To be honest, I can't remember, so it's probably...
Jul 26th 2021 stitcher.io

Would you like some optimism or realism with your estimate, sir?
I've already made quite a lot of project estimates in my programming career. In these last three years, I've been estimating (and building) lots of features for one specific project....
Jul 23rd 2021 stitcher.io

Use Blink to execute something once and only once
Our Blink package is marketed as a caching solution to memoize data for the duration of a web request. Recently, we came upon another use case for the package:...
Jul 22nd 2021 sebastiandedeyne.com

PHP 8.1: before and after
The release of PHP 8.1 will be here within a few months, and once again there are many features that get me excited! In this post I want to...
Jul 16th 2021 stitcher.io

Adding backlinks to a GitHub wiki
Backlinks, or bi-directional liks, are becoming table-stakes for productivity apps since they’ve been popularized by Roam. It’s a simple concept: when you create a link from page A to...
Jul 16th 2021 sebastiandedeyne.com