Keep your Filament admin dashboard fast by lazy loading widgets
Filament is a great admin panel for Laravel built with Livewire, one of its features is creating dashboard widgets to get quick stats of your application.
Nov 7th 2022

Wildcard subdomain SSL certificates with Let's Encrypt and Bunny DNS
Creating wildcard subdomain SSL certificates isn't that straightforward with Let's encrypt as a normal SSL certificate. As you need to prove you own the full domain before you can issue...
Nov 1st 2022

Automatically restart Horizon when local PHP files change
We've released a new package called spatie/laravel-horizon-watcher. This one can automatically restart Horizon after any code change. In this post, I'd like to share why we've built and how...
Oct 31st 2022

How to create drip campaigns and email automation in Mailcoach
A major feature of Mailcoach is the ability to automate emails. Here's how you can use this feature and how we use it to promote our other Spatie products.
Oct 26th 2022

🚀 Mailcoach Cloud is now available: affordable email marketing for bloggers, Artisans, and entrepreneurs
We're proud to announce that Mailcoach Cloud has been launched. Using Mailcoach, you can create beautiful email campaigns, set up drip campaigns (or any email automation), and send transactional...
Oct 26th 2022

A Laravel package to add flags to Eloquent models
I'm proud to announce that our team has released a new package called spatie/laravel-model-flags. This one makes it easy to add flags to any model in your app. In...
Oct 21st 2022

My current setup (end 2022 edition)
After tweeting out a screenshot, it often get questions around which editor, font or color scheme I'm using. Instead of replying to those questions individually I've decided to...
Oct 19th 2022

Subscribe using Bancontact and Ideal
You might think every country has the same popular payment method, but that's not the case. In some countries, credit cards are pretty standard. In others, most people don't even...
Oct 13th 2022

Using the Mailcoach Markdown editor in Filament
Our newest package makes the Mailcoach Markdown editor easily installable in Filament.
Oct 13th 2022

Providing faster support using auto-impersonation
In the SaaS'es I usually work on (Flare, Mailcoach Cloud, Oh Dear), we've recently introduced an improvement to how we handle support. We call it "auto-impersonation". In...
Oct 11th 2022