Why we can't have generics in PHP
We’re going to take a deep dive in what’s going on behind the scenes when it comes to generics and PHP. It’s super interesting, and very important to understand why...
Mar 24th 2022 stitcher.io

Generics in depth
I showed a very boring example of generics in the previous post, we’re going to do better in this one. $users = new
Mar 23rd 2022 stitcher.io

Generics in PHP: The basics
Generics in PHP. I know I’d want them. And I know a lot of developers who agree. On the other hand, there is a group of PHP programmers, maybe even...
Mar 22nd 2022 stitcher.io

Avoid using else
Using else often encourages complexer code structure, makes code less readable. In most cases you can refactor it using early returns. In this piece of code, it takes some...
Mar 16th 2022 freek.dev

You can now subscribe to Flare via SEPA Payments
The SEPA direct debit payment system is a uniform payment system used by the European Union and a few other countries like the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway and more. It...
Mar 15th 2022 flareapp.io

Improved Laravel Blade support in Statamic 3.3
Statamic 3.3 has added some additional improvements to their Blade templates support, which makes using Statamic together with Laravel's native Blade templates truly a joy to work with.
Mar 10th 2022 rias.be

Code that breathes
Have you ever needed to maintain a project that wasn't yours? A project that, when you first opened it, gave you chills down your spine? Even without reading the code...
Mar 9th 2022 freek.dev

Mocking Browsershot for faster tests
Spatie's Browsershot is a wonderful package that uses puppeteer to render a web page to transform it into an image or PDF. Having this functionality covered by tests...
Mar 2nd 2022 rias.be

Running PHPUnit tests in parallel using GitHub actions
One of our projects has a really large test suite that isn't optimised to run with Laravel's parallel testing. It was starting to take more than 15 minutes to have...
Mar 2nd 2022 rias.be

Exploring Termwind Internals
In this stream on YouTube, Francisco Madeira, co-creator of Termwind, guides me through the source code of his amazing package to style content on the CLI
Feb 22nd 2022 freek.dev