Automatically clear Ray when running tests via PHPUnit or Pest
Learn how to automatically clear Ray's screen when running a test Read more
Apr 27th 2023

Comparing two database columns in Laravel
When you want to compare two database columns in Laravel, you can’t use where because it treats the argument you’re comparing to as a value. Instead, Laravel has a whereColumn...
Apr 19th 2023

Laravel Analytics v5 with support for GA4 has been released
We've released a new major version of our Laravel Analytics package. The most important new feature of this release is the support for GA4. Exploring the package...
Apr 6th 2023

Eager load relations in Laravel using withWhereHas
When using whereHas in Laravel, it’s not uncommon to also eager load the relation using with. $posts = Post::query() ->with('author') ->whereHas('author', function (Builder $query) { $query->where('name', 'Seb'); }) ->get();...
Apr 5th 2023

Optimizing Flare
This post first appeared on the Flare blog. Our whole team is currently working hard on the next version of Flare. We're completely redesigning the application and website, and it is...
Apr 3rd 2023

Skipping tests conditionally in Pest
In this blog post, I'd like to show the easiest way to skip tests conditionally in tests. Using the simple technique, which can be used for other things besides skipping...
Apr 3rd 2023

🐟 Introducing Flare Roulette™
Being a developer is hard. We're writing code throughout the day to find out at the end of the week that this code isn't working as expected. Sometimes, this can...
Apr 3rd 2023

Auto-tooting new posts with val town
Since this blog is a static site, I don’t have a server running to do something dynamic when I publish a new post. I was about to set up Zapier...
Apr 3rd 2023

A CSS selector to highlight clickable elements
I was building wireframes for a website with HTML & CSS. Since it’s a prototype, not all actions are functional. When a visitor reviewing the prototype tries to click something...
Mar 31st 2023

Hyper key
I started using a hyper key on macOS. A hyper key is a single key mapped to Shift + Ctrl + Opt + Cmd. Since this isn’t exactly practical to...
Mar 29th 2023