A practical look at multi tenancy in Laravel
In this talk, given at Laracon Online 2020, I show a simple strategy to make any Laravel app tenant aware using our laravel-multitenancy package.
Mar 9th 2021 freek.dev

Debug apps running on remote servers using Ray
Earlier this year, we released Ray, a desktop app that allows you to debug faster. Instead of dumping values to the browser or console, Ray allows you to display...
Mar 8th 2021 freek.dev

macOS settings I always customize
When I set up a new Mac, there are a few things that make it immediately feel “off” to me. These are the small System Preferences tweaks I make that...
Mar 3rd 2021 sebastiandedeyne.com

How to customize Jetstream and Laravel Spark
In this blog post, I'd like to share how we moved from classic to modern Spark for billing and Jetstream for team management. You'll also learn various ways how...
Mar 2nd 2021 freek.dev

Twitter Break
Around the end of January, I decided to take a break from Twitter for an undetermined amount of time. Twitter was my main source of distraction, and I wanted to...
Mar 2nd 2021 sebastiandedeyne.com

A package to prefix ids in a Laravel app
We've released a new package called spatie/laravel-prefixed-ids. In this post, I'd like to tell you all about it. Why prefix ids #When thinking of companies with excellent...
Feb 25th 2021 freek.dev

PHP Enums
They are finally coming — built-in support for enums will be added in PHP 8.1! Some might consider them long overdue, but you don't hear me complain; I'm glad...
Feb 17th 2021 stitcher.io

PHP Enums before PHP 8.1
# Native support in PHP 8.1! You can read all about built-in enums in PHP 8.1 in this post. If you're looking for more...
Feb 17th 2021 stitcher.io

Determining the start of the next business day in Oh Dear
When a site is down, Oh Dear sends a notification every hour. Since last year, our notifications can be snoozed for a fixed amount of time (5 minutes, 1...
Feb 8th 2021 freek.dev

Responsive Art direction in Statamic
Art direction is nothing new, though there hasn't been an easy way to do it with most CMSs yet. Statamic, with the help of the spatie/statamic-responsive-images...
Feb 5th 2021 rias.be