How I plan
I love getting mail. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that by now. I received a mail today from Muhammad, asking me a question...
Jan 13th 2022

PHP in 2022
It's the fourth time I'm writing a yearly "PHP in 20XX" post, and I must admit I've never been as excited about it as this year: we've seen awesome new...
Jan 11th 2022

PHP version stats: January, 2022
It's that time again: my biyearly summary of which PHP versions are used across the community. It's been 6 months since my previous post and during that time
Jan 10th 2022

Laravel Blade & View Models
A view model represents data for a specific view or page. In its simplest form, a view model is a plain PHP object with a bunch of (typed) properties.
Jan 10th 2022

A recap of 2021
Now that we are in the final days of 2021, let's take a look back at that stuff my team and I did in 2021. On a personal...
Dec 23rd 2021

Using MySQL `order by` while keeping one value at the end
The other day I needed to sort a dataset in MySQL and ensure one value was always at the end. I never fully understood how order by works, so I...
Dec 16th 2021

How we improved Flare in 2021
The main goal of Flare is to be the best error tracking for Laravel applications. When we launched Flare, we offered a lot of niceties like decompiled Blade views, solutions...
Dec 15th 2021

Fixing the dreaded "'pcre2.h' file not found" error when installing imagick
Whenever I upgrade PHP, I seem to have troubles installing imagick. This command pecl install imagick always results in an error "'pcre2.h'...
Dec 14th 2021

A Laravel package to monitor the health of your application
I'm proud to announce that we've released a new package called Laravel Health. As the name implies, this package can be used to monitor the health of your Laravel...
Dec 13th 2021

A bash function to run tests for both PHPUnit and Pest
I've used this little bash alias for many years to quickly run the tests inside of a project. alias p="vendor/bin/phpunit"...
Dec 5th 2021