Optimizing Flare
Our whole team is currently working hard on the next version of Flare. We're completely redesigning the application and website, and it is an immense effort, but it will undoubtedly...
Mar 27th 2023 flareapp.io

Introducing JavaScript error tracking
This week, we are bringing delightful JavaScript error tracking to Flare. The integration comes with libraries for vanilla JavaScript, Vue, and React. You can upload your JavaScript source maps so...
Mar 23rd 2023 flareapp.io

JavaScript gets Array grouping
# JavaScript gets Array grouping For a couple of years I have been writing the same array `map`, `filter`, `sort` and `reduce` callback functions. Performing simple React state mutations and...
Mar 22nd 2023 sams.land

My first experiment with Svelte: Shorthex
For the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with Svelte & SvelteKit. Svelte peaked my interest because it’s a tool molded by the web. A lot of Svelte...
Mar 21st 2023 sebastiandedeyne.com

We've made our webhooks more powerful
In our latest Mailcoach update, we added some nice features to the Webhooks functionality.
Mar 17th 2023 mailcoach.app

You can now send webhooks from an email automation
This unlock our automations to be used for other things besides sending emails
Mar 17th 2023 mailcoach.app

PHP & NGINX logs with Laravel Valet
Putting this in a blog post because I always forget. To view PHP logs from Laravel Valet: open ~/. config/valet/Log/php-fpm. log To view NGINX logs from Laravel Valet:
Mar 17th 2023 sebastiandedeyne.com

Discovering PHP's first-class callable syntax
When looking at recent changes in the Laravel framework, I saw some PHP syntax that I didn't see before. Because I've been working with PHP for over 20 years and...
Mar 14th 2023 freek.dev

EU privacy friendly alternative to Sendgrid
We believe that privacy should be respected and protected by all. With the increasing use of technology, ensuring that our personal information is secure and kept private has become more...
Mar 10th 2023 mailcoach.app

Pest v2: see all new amazing features in action
The release of Pest v2 is right around the corner. Pest creator Nuno Maduro and the rest of the Pest team are currently working hard improving the docs...
Mar 10th 2023 freek.dev