A conversation with Christoph Rumpel
Oct 9th 2020 freek.dev

How to schedule posts on a static Hugo site with Netlify and GitHub Actions
If all went well, this post was published automatically. I added the ability to schedule posts on my static blog (built with Hugo). I wrote a short GitHub Action to...
Oct 8th 2020 sebastiandedeyne.com

Sublime is still sublime
I’m trying something new (well, old): Sublime Text. Sublime was my favourite editor for years. It took me a while to not crave Sublime’s speed in VS Code, but Code’s...
Oct 8th 2020 sebastiandedeyne.com

Building on the web isn't building for the web
Today I read “Web Apps Are Not A Thing, Please Stop” by Robin Rendle, who makes a point that we should stop treating websites different from web apps. ...
Oct 6th 2020 sebastiandedeyne.com

Creating a "Marked as Completed" button using Livewire
Oct 5th 2020 freek.dev

Front Line PHP
I've been blogging for three years and a half: I've written about PHP, the web, programming in general, and here and there something completely off topic. When I started this...
Oct 5th 2020 stitcher.io

What a good PR looks like
It's Hacktoberfest, your chance to contribute to open source and win a t-shirt while at it! Being an open source maintainer myself, I find...
Oct 2nd 2020 stitcher.io

Laravel Worldwide Meetup #3: Yaz Jallad & Adel Fayzrakhmanov
Oct 1st 2020 freek.dev

Which colour scheme is better?
As a programmer I think I should always critically look at my own toolset and try to optimise it, regardless of my own subjective preference. It's by doing so that...
Sep 26th 2020 stitcher.io

Scopes in JetBrains IDEs
Any JetBrains IDE has an amazing feature that can significantly improve your development experience; whether it's PhpStorm, WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, or any other project; this feature enables better search...
Sep 26th 2020 stitcher.io