Scan for todos on a git branch
When I’m working on a feature or refactor, I often leave @todo comments to remain in flow and deal with other points later. I don’t mind committing them to my...
Mar 10th 2023

A preview of our upcoming redesign
Flare was launched almost four years ago. In human life, that's not too long, but for a service, that's a lifetime. Over the years, we had quite some ideas on...
Mar 9th 2023

Resolving a new instance of a singleton in Laravel
In Laravel, you can register a class as a singleton to always resolve the same object. However, you might want to build another instance of the class. You could...
Mar 7th 2023

Fixing nested validation in Laravel
This post was first published on the Flare blog. Since the early days, Laravel includes an excellent validator class. It allows you to check if the input provided to your application...
Mar 6th 2023

Ray can now display the values of private properties
Our handy Ray debugging app gained a cool new trick: it can now display the values of private properties and results of private methods. Consider this simple class....
Mar 3rd 2023

Strategies for making Laravel packages customizable
While attending Laracon India, many people approached me to ask how we handle the maintenance of all our Spatie packages. One of the ways we keep maintenance burden low is...
Mar 3rd 2023

Casual Artisan Call February 2023
Christoph and I did another casual artisan call do talk about what's been keeping us busy.
Feb 28th 2023

Log all notifications sent by your Laravel app
We've released a new package called Laravel Notification Log. True to its name, it will log when your Laravel app sends notifications. It also contains helpful methods to determine...
Feb 26th 2023

PHP wishlist: The pipe operator
Is it weird to have a favorite operator? Well, the pipe operator |> is mine. Not only does it look cool, it opens a world of possibilities for better code....
Feb 16th 2023

I like to browsing through past work when I’m in need of inspiration, trying to reflect on the present, or in a nostalgic mood. Not just finished work, the things...
Feb 10th 2023