My keynote at PHPUKConference 2024
Here's the recording of the keynote at this year's PHPUKConference.
Feb 15th 2024

How I take notes: Structure with Now Next Notes
I rely heavily on taking notes. I don't necessarily take notes to refer to in the future, they're part of my thinking process. Writing things down brings clarity and tranquility....
Feb 13th 2024

Solving MySQL 5.7 authentication method problems in Laravel
Last week I was setting up al old Laravel project that required MySQL 5.7. I installed DBngin so I could have the legacy MySQL version up and running alongside...
Feb 12th 2024

Hi there, laravel-data 4
We launched laravel-data 3 a bit more then a year ago, and since then, we've released 26 versions packed with bug fixes and new features. We started working this summer on...
Feb 9th 2024

More than blogrolls
The latest edition of Matthias Ott's Own Your Web (which I recommend subscribing to!) points out that there are a lot of blogs out there, but they can...
Feb 1st 2024

Choosing a frontend framework
A question I've gotten a few times after my talk or sharing Svelte by Example is which frontend framework I'd choose these days. Here's the good news: these days...
Jan 29th 2024

Generating status badges using PHP
Recently, we introduced a nice new feature to Oh Dear: status badges. A status badge is a beautiful SVG that shows the uptime status of your site. Here’s...
Jan 27th 2024

Why did my email bounce?
The differences between a soft and hard bounce.
Jan 26th 2024

Making sure Laravel's debug mode is always disabled in production
Recently, people started talking about a malware called “Androxgh0st” specifically targeting Laravel apps. In a recent edition of Securing Laravel, Stephen Rees-Carter wrote a good explanation of how it works....
Jan 22nd 2024

A mini package to calculate public holidays in a country
We released a mini package called spatie/holidays that can calculate the public holidays of a country. ou can get all holidays for a country by using the get...
Jan 17th 2024