Introducing PHP 8.2: all new features and changes
PHP 8.2 has been released. It is a minor release compared to 8.0 and 8.1. This can be partly attributed to the departure of Nikita Popov as one...
Nov 15th 2022

Mailcoach now offers beautiful newsletter websites
This feature will help leading your audience to your older content.
Nov 11th 2022

Introducing our SDKs for PHP and Laravel
Both self-hosted Mailcoach and Mailcoach Cloud offer a powerful API to integrate Mailcoach's functionalities in your app. To hit the ground running, we now offer easy to use SDKs.
Nov 10th 2022

Laravel Mailcoach v6 has been released with a new UI and lots of improvements
We're proud to announce that we have released v6 of the self-hosted version of Mailcoach. If you have an active license, you'll be happy to know that this is...
Nov 9th 2022

Introducing the Mailcoach SDKs for PHP and Laravel
You can now easily consume the Mailcoach API in your app using our SDK. Read more
Nov 9th 2022

Keep your Filament admin dashboard fast by lazy loading widgets
Filament is a great admin panel for Laravel built with Livewire, one of its features is creating dashboard widgets to get quick stats of your application.
Nov 7th 2022

Wildcard subdomain SSL certificates with Let's Encrypt and Bunny DNS
Creating wildcard subdomain SSL certificates isn't that straightforward with Let's encrypt as a normal SSL certificate. As you need to prove you own the full domain before you can issue...
Nov 1st 2022

Automatically restart Horizon when local PHP files change
We've released a new package called spatie/laravel-horizon-watcher. This one can automatically restart Horizon after any code change. In this post, I'd like to share why we've built and how...
Oct 31st 2022

Local or session storage?
Local storage tends to be the obvious place to persist data locally in a web application. We tend to grab straight for localStorage, but it’s not the only tool in...
Oct 28th 2022

How to create drip campaigns and email automation in Mailcoach
A major feature of Mailcoach is the ability to automate emails. Here's how you can use this feature and how we use it to promote our other Spatie products.
Oct 26th 2022