Unveiling error notes and the activity feed
Today we're introducing the error activity feed and notes.
Jun 10th 2024 flareapp.io

New teams will now see an example project
This will make it easier for newcomers to get familiar with Flare
Jun 10th 2024 flareapp.io

Introducing the Flare affiliate program
Earn money by referring users to Flare
Jun 10th 2024 flareapp.io

Why error tracking is crucial for your application
Errors will inevitably occur in your application. There is no way around it. If you notice them while working locally, you can fix them immediately. However, if your application is...
Jun 10th 2024 flareapp.io

Sensitive parameters in PHP 8.2
Debugging errors can leak sensitive information, let's see how we can solve this using PHP 8.2
Jun 10th 2024 flareapp.io

Our Slack integration now supports unfurling
Collaborating in Slack to solve your exceptions just got a lot better with unfurling. We'll also do a bit of a code dive into how to integrate Slack unfurling into...
Jun 10th 2024 flareapp.io

Introducing Laravel Error Share
Share your errors to Flare from the new default Laravel error page.
Jun 10th 2024 flareapp.io

Running Ignition on five years of Laravel
How to fix bugs for packages used by all versions of Laravel released in the past five years?
Jun 10th 2024 flareapp.io

Handled exceptions
We now mark exceptions as handled when they don't crash your application.
Jun 6th 2024 flareapp.io

Ensure all routes in your laravel app are working
A PestPHP plugin to ensure all your laravel routes are available and not returning errors
Jun 6th 2024 vanpachtenbeke.com