Laravel Beyond CRUD
10 videos

During 2 hours of video, Brent talks you through the content of the book with lots of practical examples and live coding. Even more videos will be added in the coming weeks after launch. Serious content, brought in Brent's enthusiastic manner!

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Laravel Package Training
29 videos

Have you ever wondered how to create your own packages? Interested in how some of our packages work under the hood? This series reveals all secrets!

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Building Mailcoach
26 videos

Learn about the problems that we tackled and the clean code patterns that we applied when building the Mailcoach newsletter application.

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Readable Laravel
7 videos

In this completely free series, we'll explore best practices on how to write maintainable and readable code.

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Show me the code
1 video

Here are some problems that we solved in an elegant way

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Discovering Laravel Media Library
13 videos

Media Library is a powerful package that can associate all kinds of files with Eloquent models, generate thumbnails & responsive images, keep track of media across file systems, and much more!

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